Here are a few facts you need to know about community college/technical college training in Oklahoma. In the past eight years, four community colleges have closed their doors to court reporting training, most recent, Gordon Cooper Technical College in Shawnee and Kiamichi Technical College in McAlester. Rose State in Oklahoma City and Tulsa Technology Center both closed many years ago leaving many students stranded.

Currently two community colleges offer training in Oklahoma, with one not yet producing a graduate since starting their new program and the other has only produced 5 in 3+ years of training. Colleges offering 300+ courses do little to focus on you and your training needs. Oklahoma College of Court Reporting has been training court reporters for 27 years. We have the most proven track record in our state and our graduates fill the courthouses and deposition firms of Oklahoma. We are also the only court reporting program that offers graduates immediate employment with our court reporting firm, City Reporters.