Court Reporting Tuition & Equipment

Enrolling students are required to pay a registration / application fee at time of signing enrollment agreement. Tuition and fees are due on or before starting dates unless the director has approved other payment arrangements such as private funding options. All text books associated with this program are provided at no additional cost to students. Students are given one copy of each book needed for this program or emailed handouts. All additional copies to replace lost, destroyed or damaged books will need to be purchased by students.

Course Information

Option 1

$372/ Month
  • Start payment on 2nd month after enrollment
  • $372 x 41 months = $15,250
  • Down payment: $500

Option 2

$350/ Month
  • Start payment on 2nd month after enrollment
  • $350 x 42 months = $14,750
  • Down payment: $1000

Option 3 - 10% Discount

$4,725/ 3 payments
  • 1st payment at time of enrollment
  • 2nd payment 90 days after enrollment
  • Final payment 180 days after enrollment

Cost for 24 continuous months of training is $15,500. Please add $150 enrollment fee and $100 lab fee for a total of $15,750. Six straight semesters with Christmas holiday break of two weeks only. We offer a very flexible refund policy should the student decide not to continue with the entire 24 months of training. Although you sign up for 24 months of training you have up to 12 months before the full amount is due. This refund method is favorable over state and technical colleges where once you start the semester you get little or no refund after the 1st or 2nd week.

If you are transferring over from another program then tuition costs would be less based on how far along you are on your training. Each transfer will be tested to gauge level of training.


– Tuition & Reg. Fee and Lab Fee = $15,750
– No interest or background checks are used for payment plans. We don’t need to see your tax returns for the past two years nor have a parent co-sign on a loan. You are an adult and will be treated as an adult.


Currently OCCR does not offer FAFSA or Student Loans available through the U.S. Department of Education.  Individual scholarships are being currently offered by the Oklahoma Bar Foundation.  Each applicant will be interviewed by OCCR before submitting application for scholarship and then sent on to the OBF.

Course Information

Court Reporting Equipment

Stenograph Student Wave Machine (New)

~ $1800

Stenograph Student Wave Machine (Used)

~ $1200

ProCAT Blaze Student Machine (New)

~ $1700

ProCAT Blaze Student Machine (Used)

~ $1000

Students joining our program will receive a manual court reporting machine with supplies as part of their tuition.  This will be their machine to use for the first 4 months of training, after which time they will need to purchase their own writer or continue to rent the one they are using for $40 per month.

We want to caution students who are asked by other programs to purchase or rent a court reporting machine for their very first class.  We have seen over the years, students who have dropped out early on from other programs after spending as much as $1800 for a student court reporting machine and then stuck with having to resell this machine for a fraction of what they paid.

Our approach is a proven one with allowing you to start your training for a fraction of the cost in equipment expense at other programs.

Equipment scholarships are available after theory is completed.  Please ask staff for details.

  • A laptop or desk top computer is needed for daily classes using Zoom/Skype.
  • A good monitor and video cam are needed for classes as well as quality speakers.
  • Fast internet is a must and most households and offices already provide that feature.
  • Reliable printer will be needed after 4-6 months of training for transcription.

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