For starters, you will be using one of our writers when you enroll, which is part of your tuition. You will have 6 months of no writer expense giving you plenty of time to solidify your decision to become a court reporter. Having to fork out $400-$1800 for a writer Day 1 at another program, or worse, having to buy a new writer just to start is a reckless approach. Driving you into debt early on is not what Oklahoma College of Court Reporting wants to do. After you’ve been on our writer for 6 months you can then make a decision to buy new or used. We can certainly assist you with working with reputable companies.

Your books are also part of your enrollment package so you won’t be faced with the high cost of college books during your training. All you would need to start is a basic computer with internet. Later in your training you will want to purchase student court reporting software with a compatible writer. Both can be purchased from $1,200 to $1,800.